First of all, I just want to say that I have always wanted to start a blog like this one due to always wanting to speak freely and saying whatever I wanted. However, I never could get the opportunity because I never knew HOW to make one, which is why I built this blog. On this blog, I’ll be talking about my experiences playing minor baseball and how I plan to go into the major leagues, because that’s where a professional should go.

I’ve been playing baseball since the 90’s, and have had great success over the years. However, I have always wanted to go major, because if you don’t go there, you don’t get recognized. When I was playing a game once, we saw that there were scouts looking for potential players, so I tried to play my best. However, I had an injury that game, in which the pitcher threw a ball at my ankle and I couldn’t stand up without help. Because of this, I lost the opportunity to display my skill and I am yet waiting for another opportunity.

Now, I am just taking care of my cat and my family with baseball the only thing in my mind. Although I care for my family and friends, my first goal is to get into the major leagues, as that has been my dream my entire life. The fact that you can play in front of everyone and get fans is the best feeling in the world and I want to experience that firsthand. Now, I may not be close to it yet, but I will achieve it and until I do, I’ll keep posting on this blog so that you guys can keep track of how I will get there. Stay tuned people, you’ll become my fans one day!